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Corporate and Team Support

Welcome to your new business opportunity, one that will change your life forever.  When you become certified the learning doesn’t stop there. Continue to learn.  The better your performance, the better your bonus opportunities become to earn more money.

There are many forms of support that you will
need and use from certification to production. 
  • Chat support - To access Arise chat support go to your portal and hover your mouse over the menu item SUPPORT in the upper right of your screen.  A sub menu will appear.  Choose AVA Arise Virtual Assistant.  This will open up AVA in a new window. 

    • Ask AVA your question and she can answer about 80% of all questions.  When she can’t she will offer a link to start a chat with an Arise support professional.  Through this process, you can get support for Admissions, Enrollment, Partner and Technical issues.

    • Be sure to access tech support when you have issues that will cost you in your CA.  Get an INC number from the tech and in your portal under support choose Incident status and enter a waiver with your INC number so it does not count against your CA.

  • Class Instructor - Once class begins communicate any technical issues or questions you have about the class rely on your instructor.


  • QAPF - at the end of your course you will be introduced to your QAPF.  This person is now your main support system.  They will listen to your calls, answer questions and help with training.

  • Chat Room - Make sure you are always plugged into the chat support while you are servicing.

  • Direct Biz Solutions - We will be the go to for issues concerning your pay and will also back you up if escalation of an issue is needed.  We will also help you in achieving your metrics.

  • Crowd Hub - You can access from your portal under reference. Great information for all aspects of your agent position.

  • Huddles - Watch your emails for Huddle time and location.  These huddles are live and are great learning opportunities.

  • Arise University - Training & informational files are always updated in the university.

Our Mission is to help everyone on our team achieve

their personal goals and improve their quality of life!

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