The Arise voice assessment is the most important step in the enrollment process

This is a one-time assessment that you will take over the phone. Your questions and answers will be completed on an automated system. There will be two parts to this assessment which will include building questions and rearranging scrambled words into a sentence. 

You can only take this assessment once.


This is a requirement when you enroll into a business opportunity.  If you fail then you will not be able to move forward with the company you chose to support.

The voice assessment verifies the following skills

  • Voice clarity

  • Good grammer

  • Proper enunciation

  • Enthusiasm

Do's and Dont's

  • DO use a land line if possible.

  • If you use your cell phone DON'T be driving

  • DON'T put the call on speakerphone

  • DO make sure you are not on mute

  • DO find a quiet environment

What to expect

  • Part One

    • Building questions​

      • Example: “Ask me if I am prepared”, you would answer “Are you prepared?”

  • Part Two

    • Rearrange scrambled words into a sentence 

      • ​​Example: “Arise/my life/changed/has”, you would answer “Arise has changed my life”

​Once each question has been answered you may not go back and change your answer

When the voice assessment has been submitted, there is no way to retake it

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